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7x beginner lessons PC / Computer lesson
PC usage & Tips & All kinds
(from 2006)

Are you happy with Windows 10?
That is nice for you and the following does not apply to you!
But you have undoubtedly heard, or read, that Windows 10 in particular often distributes Bad Updates, which lead to many
problems (if you are unlucky).
As the best Windows version ever made, I consider Windows 7, but the support is gone January 14, 2020 stopped.
It is not that your computer will suddenly stop, but connecting to the Internet will become more risky.
If you want to stay ahead of Windows 10 issues, I suggest you switch to Windows 8.1,

which is very similar to Windows 7,
and which will be supported until January 2023!
(A Complete fresh Installation is necessary!)

If you live near Emmeloord and you need help with the transfer, please email me:


On Friday March 11, 2016 I have,
this website is hosted by:




Have you seen all my two other sites?

Wims Allerlei

 (maar niets over computers, sinds 10-07-2015)

Kijk dan a.u.b. op:



And for the more difficult PC topics and Tips,
Please look at:



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The intention is that I keep using my first website, http://www.beginnerslessenpc.nl/ 

for PC lessons and some simple tips and the second site http://www.pcdokternop.nl/  for some more complicated matters, in the PC area,

based on the experiences I have gained with PC help and repair.

The new site, http://www.wimsallerlei.nl/ , only contains things that have nothing to do with computers at all.

Why I made these Computer Lessons Sites and introduce myself.

My name is Wim, born in December 1943.

Until April 2000 I was a fanatic user of a predecessor of the current PC, namely the Commodore 64, a simple, home computer, which you could just connect to a TV and with a separate Datasette 1530 and Floppy station 1541.


Commodore 64 (from 1982) ▲


Datasette 1530 ▲


Floppy-station 1541 ▲


A precursor to the floppy disk is the 5.1 / 4 "Floppy, a rather floppy case, compared to the more modern 3.5" floppy disk.


Floppy 5 1/4" ▲


Diskette 3,5 inch

3,5" diskette ▲


At that time I had been with the HCC (HobbyComputerClub), Commodore GG department, where we met every 2 months in Houten with all our Computers, Monitors and Accessories such as Printers and Joysticks.


Commodore 128D ▲


Later on I switched to a Commodore 128D with a built-in Floppy drive.

As a printer I used a Star NL 10 9-pin DOT matrix for a long time, which worked with an ink ribbon.


Printer Star NL10 ▲


The ink ribbon could be provided with fresh ink at the meetings.

The board at that time asked me for a board position and when I finally agreed, I was told that I still needed a PC to be able to contact other members via E-mail and Internet.

And so it happened that I started, with great reluctance, to study PCs and gained the necessary experience with all kinds of hardware and software.

But this cost me so much energy that after a short time I said goodbye to the Commodore club to devote myself completely to all the ins and outs of the PC in the broadest sense.

Since 2006 I have given PC lessons to beginners and advanced students at SeniorwebNOP and I have also been a system administrator for a while.
I noticed there that there is a need for simple and understandable beginner lessons and I hope that this site will provide you with an incentive to further develop this fascinating hobby.

After I have been employed by Seniorweb for 9 years, I have decided to personal reasons to stop with effect from 1 January 2016.

My first two websites only deal with Windows computers.

And I don't know anything about Apple computers and iPads!


And on my third website you will find many topics that have nothing to do with computers at all.

I have tried various versions of Linux distributions on one or more spare PCs over time, but after a long deliberation, I have decided, for practical reasons, not to continue with this.

It is true that several useful applications are based on Linux, as an example I mention the fantastic program Gparted (http://gparted.org/download.php) , with which I organize and format hard disks, but to be able to use this program no Linux knowledge is required.




From February 2013 I also give computer help via the ANBO, (and since 2020 also for the PCOB)
where I have been able to help many PC and laptop users with their problems.

If you encounter errors or imperfections, please send a message.

If you want to see a topic covered, you can request it.
When I have the opportunity to say something about it, I will certainly do so.

If you need to contact me, you can email me:







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